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Hello, [personal profile] kayim,

Hope you had a fabulous birthday and Pegasus was inspired to create a few icons for you.

Below are seven Killjoys D'avin Jaqobis icons for you.

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Hello All,

Have been watching trailers for Kingsman the Golden Circle and my brain went what if the Mag 7 boys were Statesman? In the movie, the Statesman agents are named after Liquor. Agent Champagne...Agent Tequila...Agent Whiskey....Agent Ginger Ale which got me to thinking, What would the 'Boys' agents names be? Below are the names which came to me.

Orin Travis - Agent Cognac

Chris Larabee - Agent Malt

Vin Tanner - Agent Rye

Buck Wilmington - Agent Rum

Ezra Standish - Agent Bourbon

Josiah Sanchez - Agent Gin

Nathan Jackson - Agent Brandy

J.D. Dunne - Agent Irish

Also below is a little snippet of a Mag 7 Statesman AU crossover with Kingsman the Golden Circle inspired by two scenes in a Kingsman 2 trailer found at:

"You want one too. I can see it in your eyes, Vin." said the youngest and newest Statesman, J.D. Dunne.

Vin tore his eyes from the video playing on the laptop screen and scowled at him.

"Doubt that Jack, I mean Agent Whiskey wants to share his. And I haven't heard of it being offered to any of the other agents. But yeah, I would love an electric lasso like the one he has."

Maybe Agent Cognac can ask Agent Champagne if you can be fitted with one as well, answered J.D.

Vin mulled that thought over and replied, "Maybe, Orin is our regional supervisor. I'll ask Chris about it."

J.D. settled into the chair next to Vin's and hit the replay button on the screen. "Do you think, Agent Malt is going to be very angry with me for hacking into Agent Ginger Ale's video feed and downloading it to our private server?"

Vin shrugged and answered, "Depend's on how angry she is and how much Director Champagne complains to Agent Cognac. Though I hope you're packed, cause I think we'll all be flying to Kentucky tomorrow."

Hope you are all doing well. :D
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Hello All,

I found this video by Lindsey Stirling that tells a story without words and set in the old west too. I enjoyed it immensely. Thought you might too. :D

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Hello All,

At the minute and minute 13 mark of the video below there is Agent Whiskey of the film using a weapon that made me think that Vin Tanner and Buck Wilmington might like one too. :D :D :D

Aug. 20th, 2017 01:52 pm


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Title: Readin'
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven (TV) - OW
Characters: J.D. Dunne, Inez Recillos
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None
Word Count: 425 words

Author's Note: Written for: [community profile] mag7bingo:JD: Getting lost in a book

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May you have a fabulous birthday. And here are some Starsky and Hutch icons for you. Total of 14 icons.

title or description title or description title or description

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Title: Gathering of Threads Conversation Snippet between Ezra and Chris
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven (TV) - White Collar Fusion AU
Characters: Chris Larabee, Ezra Standish
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None
Word Count: 332 words

Author's Note: Written for: [community profile] mag7bingo:Chris: Honesty is the best policy

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May he have a happy fun, fabulous birthday. For his birthday, I thought I would share some Karl Urban photos

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No spoilers. Just saw it with my sister and brother. Loved it!!!!

Pegasus wants to make some icons from trailers, stills, posters, etc... so expect some Wonder Woman movie 2017 graphics later in the week.
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My thoughts are with England.

Loving energy wing your way.



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